BuckView / MapView / SecurityView

All RECONYX cameras ship with our industry leading Image Management software. Our software allows you to geographically organize and access your images on interactive Google Maps™, helping you understand animal movements and behavior. You can add markers and drawings to your site and link images to specific geographic locations. The software is packed with features including:
  • Geographic image storage
  • Image tagging
  • PatternTracker automatic animal patterning
  • Slideshow viewer
  • Video builder
  • Personal Weather Display and radar overlays
  • Metadata viewer for RECONYX images
  • and much  more...
Every camera includes a CD & license to download and install one of the following:
  • BuckView Advanced™ is included with all Outdoor series cameras.
  • Mapview Professional™ is included with all All Professional series cameras.
  • SecurityView™ is included with all Security series cameras
System Requirements:
  • Personal Computer (PC) running Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista
  • An internet connection is required to download and install the software
  • An internet connection is preferred when running the software but is not required

User Guides

BuckView Advanced Software User Guide

MapView Professional Software User Guide

MapView Security Software User Guide


The interactive map toolbar includes a WeatherView Personal Weather Control:


You can Edit Weather Settings to choose a new source location or view additional weather details:


And you can Configure Additional Options:

PatternTracker Demo

PatternTracker* interactively maps out the pattern of your images in BuckView/MapView with just a few simple steps...
  • Import your RECONYX images into BuckView/MapView
  • Tag your images with your Hit List or Keyword values
  • Go to the PatternTracker viewer. Choose your Hit List or Keyword value and Start up PatternTracker.
  • Sit back and watch as the pattern unfolds based on the image times and locations

Click on the video below to watch a demonstration

* This feature is limited to RECONYX images only

Feature Comparison

  BuckView Advanced™ MapView Professional™ SecurityView™
Upload, View & Store Images from any camera Yes Yes Yes
Map your site and cameras on interactive Google Maps™ Yes Yes Yes
Create unlimited camera sites & locations Yes Yes Yes
Plot cameras and other markers on your map Yes Yes Yes
Markup your map with property boundaries, path markers and other drawing tools Yes Yes Yes
Calculate acreage and distances on the map Yes Yes Yes
View your images in a SlideShow at various speeds Yes Yes Yes
Create AVI videos from your images Yes Yes Yes
Personal weather and radar display Yes Yes Yes
* Email images Yes Yes Yes
* Upload images to Faceboook Yes Yes Yes
* Upload images to Twitter Yes Yes Yes
* Tag your Hit List bucks & view your Hit List gallery Yes    
* Auto-Pattern your Hit List bucks Yes    
* Create unlimited keywords and image tags   Yes Yes
* Auto-Pattern any set of tagged images   Yes Yes
* Export image metadata   Yes Yes

 * This feature is limited to RECONYX images only

Patterning Bucks with RECONYX

The team at GrowingDeer.tv has put together a great article and video presentaion about how they use BuckView / MapView to tag and pattern bucks.