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Due to growing concerns over COVID-19 and the recent mandate to close non-essential businesses in the state of Wisconsin, our offices will be temporarily closed effective March 24.

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Reconyx Cellular Plan

We make our cameras easy and reliable. Now we are doing the same with our cellular plan and pricing.

Reconyx is your one-stop shop for your camera and cell plan. There is no need to contact a cell carrier for activation or billing and no need to guess which plan option is best for you. Everything is handled directly through the Reconyx mobile app. Just open the app and tap the Add Camera button to get started. Within minutes you'll be up and running. From there you can manage your cameras, view your images and monitor your bill all from the same place!




Includes 200 images

Monthy access is just $5 per camera and includes 200 mobile optimized images. Additional images are billed to your Shared Data plan.




per 2,000 images

Blocks of 2,000 mobile optimized images cost $5. Image blocks are shared across all Reconyx cameras on your account.

Each Full Resolution image counts as 10 mobile optimized images.




Using the Reconyx app

Images are stored in your secure cloud account and accessed with the Reconyx mobile app. 1 GB of storage included (approximately 20,000 mobile optimized images).

Additional storage is available for purchase.




Manage your camera

Manage your camera remotely from the Reconyx app:

  • View and manage images
  • Check camera status*
  • Change camera settings*
  • Fetch Full Resolution images*

* Requests are not processed in real-time; only when the camera connects to the network. For faster response time, use our REAL-TIME ACESS feature.




Immediate Remote Access

REAL-TIME access allows immediate 2-way communication with your camera from the Reconyx Mobile app. REAL-TIME upgrades include:

  • Take a photo right now
  • Check camera status at any time
  • Change camera settings without delay
  • Fetch Full Resolution images immediately
Purchased on a per camera basis.




No re-activation fee

Why pay for cellular access when your camera is not in use? With the Reconyx plan, you can hibernate each camera for up to 6 months per year. Your saved images are still accessible in the Reconyx app.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've made our plan as simple as possible.
Here are some answers that may help with any extra questions.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! Our plan is billed on a month-to-month basis. You can terminate at any time with no penalties or fees.

What is the coverage area?

If you can get a cellular signal, chances are your camera will work! In the USA we offer Verizon and AT&T / T-Mobile options. Our International plan covers over 100 countries.