Cellular Camera Android App

RECONXY Cellular Android App captures and notifies you of your Cellular MMS messages. Scan the barcode below with your phone to install the app.

Your camera's messages will be delivered to your text messaging application on your cellular phone with no additional setup required. RECONYX Mobile works in conjunction with or in place of your standard messaging application to enhance message delivery and image viewing and addresses several flaws in standard messaging applications.

MMS vs Email Note: RECONYX Cellular Android App manages MMS messages only. It works with all GSM providers that send images as MMS messages to your phone. It is not an email monitoring application so it will not capture emailed images that are sent by CDMA providers such as Verizon.

SM750 Note: Your SM750 sends full resolution images, so that you can more easily read the license plates as they come in. These images are larger than the images that are sent by our other cellular enabled models. Most messaging apps on Android phones will scale these images down so you won’t be able to read the license plate photos in your messaging app. It will save the photos into an your Image Gallery at full resolution, allowing you to zoom and pan to read license plate numbers.

Download Cellular Camera Android App
Having trouble installing or using Reconyx software? Please contact support@reconyx.com

Compatible with:


HyperFire 2



  • Notification of incoming images. This helps separate your camera messages from all other incoming texts
  • Automatically saves all images to your phone. Most messaging apps allow you to save the attached image to your phone but require you to do so manually for each message.
  • Provides permanent storage for your images. Most phones will only store incoming messages for a certain time period and have a limit on the number of messages stored at once, so older messages are deleted as newer ones arrive.
  • Provides simple viewing of images through your phone’s Image Gallery. Many messaging apps do not allow you to browse from one image to the next very easily and some do not allow you to zoom and pan.