MapView Professional Software


A new version of MapView is available to resolve issues with Maps loading. Please follow these steps to upgrade:
  • UNINSTALL your current version of MapView first. This WILL NOT delete any of your information or images.
  • Download and install the latest version using the button below

    MapView Professional™ mapping and image management is intended for use with RECONYX professional cameras. MapView Professional helps you to catalog, categorize and map your images. It includes advanced features such as:
    • Geo-location with interactive Google Maps™
    • Unlimited Keyword Image Tags
    • Pattern Tracking
    • Image data export

    Compatible with Microsoft® OS only (Windows 7 or newer). Not available for Apple OS.

    Download MapView Professional Software
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    • Unlimited Customization of Image Keywords and Tags
    • Geo-location with interactive Google Maps™
    • Pattern Tracking
    • Export Image data to CSV (Excel compatible) or XML format
    • Requires a Windows PC running Microsoft® Windows 7 or newer.
    • End User License Agreement
    • MapView Professional Image Management User Guide