XXL Desiccant Pack


These packets are designed to be used in a HyperFire, HyperFire 2, or UltraFire camera that is in a long-term deployment running on external power or the SC10 Solar Charger.  The desiccant packets are placed in one or both battery bays in the camera. 

Note:  You cannot fit these into the camera if you are running on internal AA batteries.  

The packets have a see-through strip running down the length of the packet.  The desiccant beads are blue when they are dry and turn pink/white when saturated.  Store in the foil pouch until you are ready to "lock" inside the camera so they do not prematurely soak up humidity from the air.   

  • $3.99


Compatible with:

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HyperFire 2

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