XP9 UltraFire Professional Covert Camera Trap

1080P HD video at 30 frames per second, including 24bit Digitally Enhanced Stereo Audio with wind noise reduction. 3.4, 5 and 8 megapixel image resolution options. 2.4” color TFT display enables a much better user interface with camera programming options as well as allowing playback of images and videos with sound directly on the camera. Micro HDMI and USB output connections allow the user to playback images and video with sound directly to their High Definition televisions or transfer data to their computer. High sensitivity Image Sensors coupled with the latest generation Covert Infrared night vision Illuminators provide exceptionally clear night time images, even at extended ranges of up to 80 feet. Two dedicated camera lenses, one specifically designed to provide rich daytime images and the other to provide clear night time Infrared photography without having to use a noisy mechanical Infrared cut filter. No moving parts means more reliability and totally silent operation in the field. All this and proudly made in the U.S.A.!

  • $699.99


  • 1080P High Definition Video with Stereo Audio (Up to 10 minute videos)
  • Still Image Resolution up to 8 megapixels
  • GEN2 NoGlow Covert Infrared Illumination up to 80 feet
  • External Power Jack and 6ft Cable Included.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes MapView™ Advanced Software for Windows®
  • Temp Range of -40° to 140° F
  • Enhanced Scheduling options allowing multiple hours of opertaion per 24 hour period
  • Primary Application:
    Primary Application:
    Wildlife Research
  • Image Resolution:
    Image Resolution:
    3.4, 5 and 8 megapixels
  • Video:
    1080P 30fps, 720P 60fps and 720P 30fps
  • Video Length:
    Video Length:
    Up to 10 minutes day and night
  • Product Warranty:
    Product Warranty:
    5 years
  • Dimensions:
  • Operating Temperature:
    Operating Temperature:
    -40° to +140° Fahrenheit
  • Illumination:
    GEN2 Covert Infrared
  • Illumination Range:
    Illumination Range:
    Up to 80 feet
  • Illumination On/Off Option:
    Illumination On/Off Option:
  • Mapping & Image Management Software:
    Mapping & Image Management Software:
    MapView™ Professional
  • User Defined Metadata in MapView™:
    User Defined Metadata in MapView™:
  • Metadata Export from MapView™:
    Metadata Export from MapView™:
  • Image Detail:
    Image Detail:
    Color by Day, Monochrome Infrared by Night
  • Trigger Speed:
    Trigger Speed:
    ~1 second
  • Frame Rate:
    Frame Rate:
    1 to 60 seconds between images
  • Photos per Trigger:
    Photos per Trigger:
    Programmable 1-99
  • Delay After Triggering:
    Delay After Triggering:
    Programmable 0 to 60 minutes
  • Delayed Start up to 1 Year:
    Delayed Start up to 1 Year:
    Up to one year
  • Motion Sensor Scheduling:
    Motion Sensor Scheduling:
    5 active periods per 24 hours
  • Time-Lapse Surveillance:
    Time-Lapse Surveillance:
    Virtually any number of seconds, minutes, or hours
  • Time-Lapse Interval:
    Time-Lapse Interval:
    5 active periods per 24 hours
  • Memory Card Type:
    Memory Card Type:
  • Memory Card Capacity:
    Memory Card Capacity:
    Up to 512GB
  • Image Data:
    Image Data:
    Time, Date, Temperature & Moon Phase
  • Battery Life:
    Battery Life:
    Up to 20,000 images
  • Battery Requirements:
    Battery Requirements:
    NiMH Rechargeable or 1.5volt Lithium only
  • Battery Quantity / Size:
    Battery Quantity / Size:
    12 AA
  • External Power Connection:
    External Power Connection:
    External Power Jack and 6ft Cable Included
  • Camera Settings:
    Camera Settings:
    Program on camera or from memory card
  • Customization:
    Custom Focus and Custom Color Available
  • Theft Deterrence:
    Theft Deterrence:
    CodeLoc™ Pass-Code Protection
  • Solar Panel Power Unit 7W

    Instructions for installing/mounting 7 Watt Solar Panel Powe

    View | Download

  • UltraFire Professional User Guide

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